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Eating Grass-fed Beef Is Good for Your Health Eating grassfed beef is not for fashion, it is more for health. We have led to believe that all meats are created equal. We have been fooled, We never thought about what the animal is fed and how it can impact the nutritional value of the beef. The feed that is fed to the animal has plenty of influence when nutrition is taken into consideration. And that is why there are plenty of reasons to get grassfed beef today. It is a known fact that meats that you eat may cause cancer. Some scientists say the risks of getting cancer can be lowered if you eat grassfed beef or other meats each day. There is evidence that conjugated linoleic acid may be able to help bring down the growth rate of tumors. Exclusively eating grassfed beef and organic food can bring down the risks of some cancers by providing a cloud of protection. Women with low CLA levels are more prone to risks of breast cancer, compared to women with high levels, according to a Finnish study. Grassfed meats and other organic foods are rich in vitamin E that can help bring down the cancer risk. Free radical action may cause cancer and vitamin E can help prevent the damage from happening. Omega-3 is a huge lift for grassfed meats because it can help bring down heart problems, depression and also inflammation issues that may lead to chronic health problems. Omega-3 can help bring about better control on mental problems such as Alzheimer’s disease. People with Omega-3 are less likely to have hypertension. One can get a better lipid profile with the help of Omega-3 by bringing down cholesterol levels. It is possible cancer patients can get maximum benefit from chemotherapy with the help of Omega-3. The animal can get plenty of Omega-3 from the grass they are being fed.
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Animal meat fed with grass tend to be leaner than those fed with anything else. There are less calories in the meat that is being fed with grass. It has something to do with the fact that the meat has less fat, thus less calories. Grainfed beef have 100 more calories than grassfed beef. Obesity and overweight problems may get some solutions if people start to eat grassfed meats.
5 Uses For Meats
Another good reason to eat grassfed meat is the taste. You have to eat grassfed meat and compare how it can be tastier than non-grassfed meat. The smell of cooked grassfed meat is better than meat fed with grain. The flavor could be attributed to the less disease risk of animals fed with grass. There are plenty of ways to get grassfed meats. The increased demand for grassfed enabled more stores to sell the meat. The Internet can be a great tool to get more information about the meat and hot to get it from your area.

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Fundamental Information on Drinking Games Do you have any idea about drinking games? The article is most ideal for you for instance that you want to accumulate details about drinking games. Drinking games are form of competitions which involve individuals who are drinking any kind of liquid. There are rules that will be adhered into when it comes to this kind of game of which one of the considerations is the kind of liquid that will be utilized in the competition. There are several cases where alcoholic drinks are being utilized by the individuals who are part of the competition. On the other flip side, there are times when coffee, juices or soda are being used by the participants of the game so as to conduct the said competition. With the existence of the rules to be used in the game, there are other kinds of beverages that can be adhered into by the participants of the competition. The main purpose of the game is to have fun among themselves. In addition, drinking games are considered enjoyable activity for the reason that there is a total interaction that can be observed among the participants. Drinking games are divided into various categories. Picking of a card or rolling of the dice is being used when we talk about the easy category of the drinking game. The outcome of the dice or the card after doing the procedure is the main consideration of determining the degree of beverage that will be consumed. When it comes to the fun to be experienced and observed in this kind of game, there should be a creativity to be provided by the participants of the game then. The type of the competition that you are dealing with is one of the considerations of the creativity to be imposed. Another classification of drinking game is popular in the society. There is the inclusion of verbal and social skills that can be observed in this category. It is apparent that in gatherings, this game typically appears. Remembering the names of individuals is one of the scenarios that can be associated in this kind of game. In case that you won’t be able to remember the name of the people, you will be penalized then by drinking the beverage being prepared.
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You will be able to learn that there are plenty of classifications of drinking games that you will be able to see and this is due to the fact that there are several people who possess creativity in them. In the entire planet, drinking games are famous among human beings. Many drinking games have simple rules to adhere of which you will be able to follow them without any difficulty. In case that you aspire of having the fun in drinking games, it would be ideal for you to coordinate with the other players of the game then. If you’re going to do this, it is apparent that you will be happy with the game.The Essentials of Parties – Revisited

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Choosing a Chinese Restaurant in Singapore for Your Corporate Gathering If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant in Singapore, no sweat!If you’re searching for a Chinese restaurant in Singapore, that should be easy. There’s no need to enlist the help of tourist guides. There’s one Chinese restaurant in almost every corner. If you’re looking for a place where you can hold a corporate gathering, of course, you need to make a few considerations. Accessibility When you conduct corporate gatherings, you should make sure that the venue is easily accessible for your guests. When you hold a corporate event, you have to ensure that the venue is accessible to the participants. This is even more important if you are expecting guests from international locations. More so if these guests will be coming from other countries. It is always better to choose a Chinese restaurant that is either located close to the airport or in the heart of the city. It’s always smart to select a Chinese restaurant that is located near the airport or the heart of the city. Reputed restaurants would be ideal choices because the cab drivers would be able to take your guests to the location without easily. Capacity
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You should take a look at the seating capacity of the Chinese restaurant before making your selection. Another issue to consider is the seating capacity of the restaurant. You might have to make advanced reservations in order to make the event hassle free. Usually, you need to call them ahead of time to make your reservation to prevent complications. Some of the Chinese restaurants in the country provide special facilities for conducting corporate gatherings. Many Chinese restaurants in Singapore offer special facilities for corporate events. You would be provided with a private room where a certain number of tables and chairs would be present. Of course, you will be given a certain private room, complete with tables and chairs as needed. You will not have to worry about the outsiders present in the place and a dedicated waiter would be made available to take your orders. There’s no need to worry about intruders or outsiders as this room will be exclusively for you, and there will even be dedicated waiters to attend to your needs. Food
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Review the menu before you make a choice. Because you have chosen to hold your gathering in a Chinese restaurant, ensure that the Chinese food will be great. Also find a venue that offers a great variety of dishes. If you pick a Cantonese restaurant, for instance, you may miss out on the best of Schezwan, American-Chinese or Hunan delicacies. It’s often better to pick a place serving all the varieties. Drinks Of course, having invited special guests, you need to make sure that you can give them all the possible comforts. If some of them want to order certain drinks, you should be ready to serve them what they want. Thus, when selecting a Chinese restaurant, find one that offers different sorts of drinks. Your Budget After checking on the other requirements, you need to make sure that the venue you pick suits your budget. Try to research on great deals and compare them. And if you’ve got charisma, these discounts can be very significant!

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Tips When Starting Up Your Food Blog Say that you consider yourself as a food lover and loves reading articles about foods, then you certainly thought of making your own food blog. Even though there are thousands of the same sites on the internet today, newcomers are always welcome in establishing their very own website and join the vast number of food bloggers across the globe. Well, if you want to make a successful food blog, then better be sure that you follow the tips I have provided below: Tip number 1: Use a Catchy Name – well it all begins with your name and you must make sure that it catches the attention of your readers. Having said that, it will be strongly recommended to think of a name for your blog that’s catchy and witty yet can be remembered easily. In addition to that, better consider the theme you’re planning; would you be focusing on pasta blogs, are you planning to review new fast food stores, will you be focusing on vegetables or are you thinking for a general food blog. These questions can influence the name for your blog and come up with one that suits for its purpose.
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Tip number 2: Use High Quality Photos – one common denominator of food blogs is the fact that they are often using exceptional photos. This is something that you have to bear in mind if you really want to make your blog be extraordinary. Needless to say, this does not indicate that you need to invest in a high end camera just to take excellent quality photos. What matters most is having basic knowledge and skills in photography. One practice you should never do is copying and stealing photos of others and then using them like it was yours. You’ll be banned by search engines in the event that you got complaints from its rightful owners.
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Tip number 3: Create Good Contents – the way you write serve as your voice while the photos you post on your blog give a distinctive look. The goal is create pleasing articles that will attract immense number of readers. However, since this is a blog, try to be as casual as possible and by that, many more people will love checking out your blog regularly. And if you are trying to give some recipes, then make sure that you’re concise and clear with the instructions. Simplicity is basically the secret in grabbing and retaining attention of your visitors. If you want to make sure that your readers will be interested every time they visit your site, then throwing out some trivia about food and recipes will be a good idea.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Barbeque Grill for Your Needs As you probably already know, many Americans enjoy barbeque grilling, and not just because it involves a lot of good food, it has become one of the most sought after social activities in our country. If you wish to make sure that all your guests have a great experience at your upcoming outdoor barbeque grilling activity, it is important that you take the time to find the right piece of equipment to suit your personal needs. If you are new to the world of outdoor grilling, and are currently seeking the best equipment, we are here to help show you the way, so you know exactly what it is you should be searching for while you are shopping. The one key factor you must determine before you start your shopping is to find out the differences between the fuel types available, and which one will be the most suitable for you. Currently, you have a total of three options to choose from, and they are as follows: charcoal, electric and gas models. We will start out our discussion by going over gas grills. First of all, many people often make the mistake of confusing grilling with smoking, when the two are completely different styles of cooking. Grilling involves cooking your meat very close to a hot fire for only a few minutes. By doing this, your steak will tend to come out slightly burned and a bit dry, which is how a lot of people like it. For those who enjoy this type of barbecuing, this is the grill for you. For those who smoke their meat, you can do this via an indirect flame or to catch heat emitted from the smoke being fueled. When you have successfully cooked your meat with a charcoal grill, you will automatically achieve a smoky flavor or a wood chipped flavor depending on how you cook it.
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Electric barbeque grills are the final option you have to choose from. Please note that gas grills will barbeque the quickest, while charcoal will take the slowest amount of time. An electric grill is a great option for people who live in an area that is not designed to allow for any smoke or hazardous gases. When investing in an electric grill, the great thing is that you are free from worrying about cleaning up minor messes. If you are in search of the perfect grill for your upcoming party, we strongly advise that you take the time to research what is available on the market, and find the one that is the most suitable for your situation, we promise you will not regret it!What No One Knows About Options

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Tips to Building a Better Log Cabin Log cabins are one of the most admirable home designs that one could ever think of when building a family home. Prior to making a decision to construct your own home project, put all the advices given by experts into consideration and be keen on the details that they say. Some of the building tips are discussed below. Look for best log prices in the market. Log prices are usually reasonable in nature and easily affordable. Handling cost of the logs to where they are used for construction and that which is used to transport them is the main reason behind the prices go up. The initial step to having a construction cost that of reasonable nature is searching for better means of transport that will help you cut your budget cost. Next, take your time and simplify the process. Take all the time you require so as to settle for a home design that is right for you. Other than the cabin being a true reflection of your personality, it should also consider your financial capability as well. Simplify the whole process by putting into use building techniques and materials that save on labor.
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A log cabin is made of wood or timber. Putting that fact in mind, it is wise that one plants more trees as replacement of the used ones. These tree could come in handy during renovation to help you save on extra money to acquire timber from outside. The trees could also be a source of shade during hot seasons and prevent the wind from blowing so harshly during windy days. The remains of the used logs could also help you keep warm when they are burnt to heat up the house during the cold season.
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Construct your log cabin facing your choice of direction. Future inconveniences should be prevented by keeping all the rooms to a perfect fit, especially if there is need for more developments will be required. During the construction process, creating additional space will be a requirement. Settle for rooms that will be used for multiple purposes like putting the living room and the dining room together. Create enough ventilations to allow for fresh air be in constant circulation. Multi-purpose rooms also save on space and on the number of timber used for the overall construction of the home. The materials used on the floor and roof should be waterproof in nature. This way water will not sip into the house during rainy the seasons. Construct dormers with enough flashing and in a manner that makes it possible for water to divert from the house. This will ensure the timber used in construction lasts for many years without rotting.

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Tart Cherry Juice and Selecting the Best Juice To live a healthy lifestyle, you will need to eat a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. With this included in your diet, you can reduce the risk of disease significantly. It is also known that fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that make it possible to slow the aging process down. Tart cherries come with many other benefits as well. Here are a couple of things that everyone should know about tart cherries. Cherries are stone fruits or drupes that are related to plums, peaches and nectarines. They have been popular since the stone age. There were plenty of cherry pits found on stone age caves. In fact, Romans were known to carry cherries with them when they were conquering Europe and England. Eventually, cherries made their way throughout many regions of the New World and across the Atlantic. One serving of the cherry will contain about 12 g total carbohydrates, as well as about 50 calories, 10g natural sugar, 2g dietary fiber and 2 g total fat. Aside from being a solid source of vitamin E, C and A, cherries are also good sources of iron and calcium.
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Many people want to know how to pick the best cherries. Cherries are at their best when they have been stored in a cool and moist place. If the temperature rises, the cherry’s texture and flavor will suffer. If you are planning to buy cherries, make it a point to buy ones that were stored in a cool and moist location. The cherry is a very perishable fruit. This means that they have a limited season. Always remember this when shopping for cherries that are fresh.
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One secret to finding the best cherries is to only pick the ones that still have the stem attached. The stem of the cherries should still be colored green. There should still be green leaves from the cherry tree in the container. It is also very important to make sure that the fruit is firm. If you find any damaged cherries, remove them as soon as possible. This is because these cherries can damage or decay the other cherries. Other cherry products such as cherry juice and tart cherries are also becoming popular because fresh cherries can be quite difficult to find all year round. One will only need 60 cherries to produce up to an ounce of tart cherry juice concentrate. Tart cherry juice are produced by many different barns. You can also find many sellers on the internet. The great thing about buying them online is that you can have these products shipped directly to your very doorstep.

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What to Consider When Shopping for a Yogurt Supplier In case you have made the decision to start a yogurt shop, you ought to be prepared to look for a distributor. A distributor always plays a primary role in the success of a business. This means that you ought to be extra careful when shopping for such a professional. What factors should you consider before selecting any service provider? It is important that you choose a supplier with a lengthy history in this industry. A fully-fledged distributor would be very knowledgeable of their products. This is very important because it ensures you always get the best quality products. It also ensures that you get proper guidance, especially if you are a newbie in this industry. Even amateur distributors can claim to be experienced. This is why you ought to work only with experts that have excellent reviews from past clients. Talking to their existing clients would also be a wise move. You ought to choose a yogurt supplier that can meet your quantity demands. If you need a wide range of product brands, ensure that the supplier always has them in stock at all the time. You ought to inquire regarding flexibility. You need a distributor that can deliver an order promptly, even on short notice. Ensure that the expert has any other products that you might need.
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You should consider hygienic standards prior to selecting any distributor. You do not need a product that can cause health problems. To be on the safe side, ensure that the supplier has state-of-the-art packaging equipment. You should only work with licensed distributors. Licensing is proof of credibility because government agencies never license just anybody. Make certain that your choice yogurt supplier only obtains their stock from a reliable manufacturer. Purchasing products that have not been tested and proved would be a bad idea.
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You should consider pricing before contacting anyone. Since you are in business, you need a product that you can make money with. Reliable distributors understand this, and they usually set a friendly price for their clients. Familiarizing yourself with the general prices for the product in question would be a wise move. This is important because it would save you from greedy distributors. Get to know what factors affect pricing. It would be a wise move to inquire when the suppliers expect payments for their services. Ask questions regarding delivery, too. Such a product can only be delivered using special equipment. Choosing among suppliers that offer delivery would save you from the expenses of purchasing such equipment. Inquire about the measures the experts take to guarantee timely deliveries. Ask whether there are any shipping fees that you should be worried about.

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How to Find Authentic Chinese Food With China’s more than twenty provinces boasting a unique flavor and cooking style, Chinese food in general couldn’t get more interesting. If you’re thinking of dining at a Chinese restaurant but would like to know how to tell if one is authentic, below are some tips: Everyone Speaks Chinese! Usually, the first sign that a Chinese restaurant is authentic is if you walk in and hear everyone talking Chinese. Busy is what these places often are, but remember that at brunch, they’re busy not always because of good food, but because it’s a great time to share a meal with friends and family. It’s smart to do your research on which Chinese restaurants are busy because they offer good food.
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Price Not Always Related to Authenticity
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An authentic Chinese restaurant is not necessarily cheap. For a lot of people, authentic Chinese food can only be cheap. Not at all! There are very good and very authentic Chinese restaurants that serve their best fares at market price. But of course, that’s not to say that you can’t get good quality from a more affordable place. Regional Fares Based on the region, you can already tell the specialties. You have to know the specialty of a restaurant before you go and eat there. For instance, you can expect winning soup dumplings and scallion pancakes in a Shanghainese restaurant. Ordering a Cantonese dish in that restaurant also probably wouldn’t make sense. The point is be suspicious about restaurants that serve entirely off-base dishes. That could reveal they’re not authentic. The English Menu Every Chinese restaurant in Singapore (with its enormous population of English-speaking expats) probably has an English version menu. To spot the most authentic dishes, ask for both menus and ask if there’s anything different in the Chinese menu. Or you can simply compare the number of dishes in each. If there’s a difference, try to look for unfamiliar dishes. They’re likely less Westernized and therefore more genuine. On Chinese Customers’ Plates If you’re already in a Chinese restaurant and you’re sure it’s authentic, what will you have? A good way to know is to scan other people’s plates, especially the older Chinese. As you know, food always looks better when it’s on someone else’s table. See what the other ones are eating. If anything looks good, call the waiter and tell him you’d like that too. Get the waiter! Finally, if you’re still unsure about what to get, just ask the waiter what’s good try. Note though that they can sometimes tell you what’s popular, which may not always be the best (no, they’re not always the same). They’re usually afraid that Westerners wouldn’t really like authentic Chinese dishes, and they could even start profiling you based on your looks. Tell the waiter you really want good and authentic so he doesn’t start suggesting dishes based on whether you look Asian or European to him.

Sue Wong’s Fall 2015 Collection Mesmerizes with “Mythos & Goddesses”

Internationally renowned designer SUE WONG resurrected mythic Goddesses, rocking the non slip shoes runway and redefining Mount Olympus with her hypnotic and sensual Goth Opera fashion show “Mythos & Goddesses.” She sizzled with her Fall 2015 Collection and opened Art Hearts Fashion Week at the grand Taglyan complex in Hollywood to a raving audience. The invitation-only, sold-out (900 capacity) event featured celebrities, ambassadorial delegates, press, stylists, and fashion editors; as well as Sue’s many friends in music and entertainment.

World-renowned British operatic soprano Summer Watson invoked the inter-dimensional SUE WONG Goddesses with her powerful prelude performance. Rock stars Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe, Chris Pitman from Guns N’ Roses, Brit rocker Steve Cooke, and many other celebrities including Billy Zane (Titanic), Sofia Milos (CSI Miami), Kelsey Scott (12 Years a Slave), Richard Grieco, Adina Porter (True Blood), May Wang (Fresh Off the Boat), John Savage, Ronn Moss, Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind and Fire), the Cast of “Little Women LA,” the Harris Brothers, Rachel Federoff and Destine Pfaff (Millionaire Matchmaker), Carolyn Hennesy (True Blood), Jacqueline Murphy, Grammy winner Omar Akram, Vassy (musician), Vincent De Paul, and actress Josie Davis all attended. Celebrity guest models featured actress Eugenia Kuzmina, Courtney Sixx (married to Rocker Nikki Sixx), Blanca Blanco and America’s Next Top Model’s Kiara Belen all regally walked the SUE WONG runway.

Sue Wong’s Fall 2015 Collection is an anthem of epic proportions – lush, evocative, with a romantic elegance. Sue Wong is an artist who alchemically heals through her creations, subsequently healing all who are touched by the power of the beauty that she creates.

Sue insightfully shares, “It’s not just a gown or mere fashion. I create an experiential transformation, awakening the inner goddess within every woman who wears a SUE WONG.” Sue’s ethos is about Goddesses and their representational archetypes. Paying homage to her three patron Goddesses, Sue explains: Aphrodite: I am an advocate of Love and I create Beauty; Artemis: I’m a fierce warrior-goddess cutting my swathe through the world; Athena: I’m a seeker of truth and wisdom. Each SUE WONG gown represents an archetypal feminine goddess. MYTHOS & GODDESSES is a timeless fashion slipstream into antiquity, catapulting it into the present and creating trend-setting gowns of utmost feminine sensuality and empowerment; as Sue expresses: “I mythologize my gowns through these Goddess archetypes.”

To quote Nigel Patrick Daly, OBE, former Chairman of the Board for BAFTA/LA: “Sue Wong is a magician, a high priestess able to transform women into Goddesses. She transports us back to an age of glamour and beauty. Timeless and majestic, she makes women look simply spectacular.”

Actress Sofia Milos articulates: “Sue Wong’s beautiful creations are the epitomy of feminine grace and aesthetics, reminiscent of an Old Hollywood flair which we all dream about to be part of today. Sue Wong brings the Goddess out of you and who doesn’t want that?”

Spectacular headdresses by Kicka Custom Design, Lisa Marinucci Collection and Maggie Schpak – Studio Art Metal shop complemented the gowns in an endless runway of showstoppers epitomizing powerful, timeless femininity. These Goddess-gowns were further complimented by jewels from Vilaiwan, Lisa Marinucci Collection and Maggie Schpak – Studio Art Metal shop. The gowns of lace, satin and chiffon exemplify the Goddess and are synonymous with Sue’s signature intricate couture embellishments including: exquisite hand-beadwork, cascading floral embroidery, seutache embroidery paired with shimmering lace-illusion yokes, cut-out lace petals, deconstructed ribbon, ruffles, flowing chiffons and filigree lace. Dazzling beige, taupe, black, platinum, magenta, jade, sandalwood gave color to draped floor-length sweeping gowns and bejeweled skirts.

“Dreams are private myths, myths are public dreams” as Joseph Campbell advocates. Sue Wong’s Fall 2015 Collection is a fashion waitress shoe icon’s dream made public.